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Cérémonie Laïque Officiant Lille

Ludile's ceremonies

Fleurs Cérémonie Mariage
Cérémonie Laïque Mariage LIlle

Wedding ceremony, symbolic ceremony, commitment ceremony, so many terms to designate this very precise moment. I generally use the term "cérémonie laïque" to distinguish it from a civil ceremony (at the town hall) and a religious ceremony.


I adapt especially to you, and the way of naming your own ceremony. 

The wedding ceremony allows you to make a symbolic moment by sacralizing what makes sense for you: your couple, your marriage and your values. It allows you to commit yourself fully as a couple and with your guests. It lasts about 45 minutes and is composed of texts, musics and rituals.


And remember: in a ceremony, anything is possible!

3 Formulas that suit you

The Bullet Journal Formula

  • Meeting appointment offered


  • Send a questionnaire to be completed alone and in pairs. 

  • About 10 meetings to discuss your ceremony: in person, by videoconference or by telephone,   with as many email exchanges as necessary.

  • Writing of your ceremony, research on my side, advice for the choice of music, rituals, texts...

  • Help writing speeches for your speakers (and yours, if needed!)

  • D-day :

    • Coordination with service providers or people in charge of sound, photographs, videos, music, etc.

    • Celebration of your wedding ceremony

To be added: travel and accommodation costs if necessary; options (installation, decoration of your ceremony space, group training, rental of sound equipment, etc.)

On estimate, from 1100€

The Scrapbooking Formula

  • Meeting appointment offered


  • As many appointments as necessary to get to know each other and then build your ceremony with you and train your officiant face-to-face, by videoconference, by telephone or by email.

  • Help with writing speeches for your speakers, your officiant and yours, if needed!

To be added: travel expenses if necessary; options (help decorating your ceremony space, group training, etc.)

On estimate, from 750€

The Origami Formula

  • Meeting appointment offered

  • Approximately 2 to 3 hours of appointment (face-to-face or by videoconference) to review what you have already built and what remains to be done.

  • Some examples of topics that can be discussed: ​​

    • Introduction to the principles of secular ceremony

    • Public speaking training

    • Writing speeches or vows

    • Reflection on your ceremony framework

    • Find your rituals / your songs / your texts

    • Scenography and decoration of your ceremony space

On estimate, from 275€

Pourquoi ce prix ? 

Il est important de comprendre que vous ne payez pas "2h de présence le jour-J" parce que sinon, en effet, ce serait deux heures très, très chères ! Les tarifs affichés prennent en compte le travail que nous allons faire en amont pendant plusieurs mois, mais également plein d'autres choses que vous ne soupçonnez peut-être pas : 

  • Les taxes, les prélèvements, les impôts...

  • Mes investissements : mon matériel, mes formations...

  • Ma communication : le site internet, les réseaux sociaux, la charte graphique, le logo...

  • Mes charges : assurances, frais bancaires, comptable, forfait téléphone et internet, loyer, électricité...

  • Mon temps de travail dédié à votre cérémonie que nous ne passons pas ensemble.

  • Et pas mal d'autres choses encore. 

Du coup, une fois tout cela enlevé du prix, ce qu'il me reste doit pouvoir me rapporter de quoi vivre... Faites le calcul ! ​

You don't really know which formula suits you? Let's talk about it! 

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