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Cérémonie Laïque Lille Amour

Hello !

Very attached to my native Brittany, which I never leave for more than a few weeks, I grew up in the Breton cliché: the sea, crêpes, galettes, fest-noz but obviously no notion of Breton, except Kenavo.


I took my love of writing, sports (in real life and on the screens, especially rugby!), aperitif dinners, and scrapbooking (photo albums!) with me during my studies between Saint-Brieuc, Rennes, Toulouse or Lille.

After 4 years of discussing with hundreds of participants in all the citizens debates that I led with a Parisian consultation agency (the Citizen Climate Convention, does that ring a bell?), I left to join my other half in Nantes where I decided to lead the preparation of our wedding and the launch of my project. This project had germinated a few years earlier, when I was asked to officiate my first wedding ceremony for relatives: a revelation!


Today, I accompany all the people who wish it by creating their unique moment of their own.

Officiant de Cérémonie Pupitre Mariage
Fleur Mariage Cérémonie

What I like

  • Chocolate, especially dark one.

  • TV shows, I've watched way too many!

  • Music: listening to it and making it on piano, guitar and singing...

  • The aperitif dinners that we nibble all evening !

  • The rugby matches that we watch together.

  • Karaoke in the car!

  • Scrapbooking to remember good memories.

What I do not like

  • Sudden awakenings while we're dreaming...

  • Celery, like Hélène Darroze!

  • The anxiety of not knowing if I locked my door when I left!

  • The pigeons.

  • Storing my clothes...

And Ludile, then? 

Ludile is the contraction of the first names Lucile (mine!) and Odile (my wife's). Who knows, maybe one day we'll work together: me taking care of the ceremonies, and her taking care of everything else! ​

Fleurs Cérémonie Mariage Lille
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